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Accessibility statement

At Smart Consulting and International Taxation Ltd., a consulting firm, we work hard to make our organization and website accessible to people with disabilities to promote equal rights and transparency towards people with disabilities.

The essence of an accessible website

An accessible website is a website that allows a person with a disability to surf with the same level of efficiency and enjoyment as other surfers, using the capabilities of the system on which it operates and through technologies that help accessibility.

Making accessibility adjustments on the website

The accessibility adjustments on the website were made in accordance with mark C: Internet services in the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (service accessibility adjustments) 2013, to the Israeli standard TI 5568 based on the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, the website was made accessible to the required level and subject to the changes and adjustments made in the Israeli standard document.

The website supports the use of assistive technologies such as screen reader software, browsing with a keyboard by using the Tab and Shift+Tab keys to move between links, the arrow keys, the Enter key to select, the Esc key to exit menus and windows, pressing H or on a number to move between titles.

The site is checked every 12 months to ensure the maintenance of the site's accessibility.

Optimal applicability for website accessibility

On this website, you can surf in an optimal and accessible way using the common browsers and it is recommended to use the following browsers: Firefox / Opera / Safari / Lynx]/ [Edge / Chrome] and screen reader software such as NVDA / Jaws / Voiceover.

Accessibility arrangements in the organization

The company's offices are accessible, including the entrance desk, elevators, and information desk.

Accessible restrooms are available on the office floor.

You can contact the company by text messages, email, and chat - in addition to phone calls.

If you find an accessibility problem on the website or if you need help, you are welcome to contact us through the organization's accessibility coordinator:

The name of the accessibility coordinator, CPA Shiran Madar


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