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Tax filing and tax accounting

•    Annual tax filing in Israel – filing of local Israeli annual tax returns 
•    Annual tax filing with the IRS – filing of IRS annual tax and information returns
•    US state tax filing 
•    FBAR – reporting for foreign financial accounts.
•    Voluntary disclosure – in Israel and the US 
•    Tax filing services for non-Israeli citizens/residents 

Investing in Israel

Representations of non-Israeli investors in connection with their Israeli real estate or other investment activities. Our services include structuring the investment to take account of and minimize Israeli tax exposures.

Corporate Transactions

We assist clients in a range of activities related to the consolidation of businesses. This can include conducting due diligence on potential acquisition targets, negotiating deal terms, and supporting clients through the acquisition process. In addition to supporting clients through specific mergers and acquisitions, our firm can also provide ongoing support and guidance to help clients achieve their broader business objectives.

Establishing and Financing Israeli Operations

Establishing and financing Israeli operations can be a complex and challenging process for businesses, particularly for those based outside of Israel. 
An accounting firm with expertise in this area can provide valuable assistance to businesses looking to enter the Israeli market. This can include helping to structure the business and its operations in a way that is tax-efficient and compliant with local laws and regulations. An accounting firm can also assist with the identification and evaluation of potential financing options, and work with clients to secure the necessary funding to support their Israeli operations. By partnering with an experienced accounting firm, businesses can receive the support and guidance they need to successfully establish and finance their operations in Israel.

Representation before the Israeli tax authorities 

Our tax practice covers every aspect of individual taxation in Israel and the US, cross-border taxation, and double taxation treaties. We can represent you in a large variety of tax-related matters both in Israel and the US. 




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